Sad Song Playlist

  1. A Day To Remember - If It Means A Lot To You
  2. Balance and Composure - Notice Me
  3. Basement - Canada Square
  4. blink-182 - All of This
  5. Brand New - The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot
  6. Finch - Letters to You
  7. Front Porch Step - Drown
  8. Funeral For A Friend - Roses for the Dead
  9. Good Charlotte - Hold On
  10. Jimmy Eat World - Kill
  11. Letlive. - Muther
  12. Man Overboard - Atlas
  13. Modern Baseball - Tommy Bowers
  14. Moose Blood - Boston
  15. My Chemical Romance - I’m Not Okay
  16. Neck Deep - Candour
  17. Nine Inch Nails - Hurt
  18. Pity Sex - When You’re Around
  19. Plus 44 - Little Death
  20. Radiohead - Creep
  21. Real Friends - I’ve Given Up On You
  22. Seahaven - Sleep Alone
  23. Silverstein - Apologize
  24. Simple Plan - Welcome To My Life
  25. Sum 41 - Pieces
  26. The 1975 - Me
  27. The Story So Far - Quicksand
  28. The Wonder Years - The Devil in My Bloodstream
  29. Tigers Jaw - Chemicals
  30. Touche Amore - Condolonces


“The referee just blew the final whistle, camera focused on Wenger who raises his arms in happiness, and in the background Sagna, Mertesacker and Koscielny simultaneously fall down on their knees and look to the heavens, cause they just ended a 9 year drought. What a moment”. 

blink-182 - all the small things @ Reading 2014 [x]


stop being cute if you’re not gonna like me back

BASEMENT - Pine (x)


if it is ur birthday happy birthday and if it isnt happy existing day

love how this has come up up on my dash when it actually is my birthday

My greatest life achievement to date is seeing Wheatus perform Teenage Dirtbag live whilst still being a teenager.

couldn’t really care less about my birthday. but one positive is I did manage book tickets for Bury Tomorrow and Mallory Knox/Moose Blood in Portsmouth.

less than an hour left of being a teenager. how depressing :(

still can’t believe i managed to get barrier for Jimmy Eat World on the Lock Up stage at Reading for them performing Futures in its entirety.